Fire Eater by Abir Abdullah

Hindu community enjoy posh Sankranti with different activities as a man blows fire in the evening at Shankri bazar. Paush Shankranti’ is the last day of Bengali month Paush. This traditional festival is locally known as ‘Shakhrine’. People of the old Dhaka celebrate Shakhrine with colorful kite flying during the day and fire eating or blowing performances after dark. January 2009 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Statement: This is one of my favorite photos because taking fire blows photo is technically difficult. I took this photo with a 35 mm lens from another building. I think B&W gives some kind of different feeling which last long than co lour. I personally feel more comfortable with Black & White technically.

Abir Abdullah born in 1971.
Started photography career in 1996 at Drik Picture Library, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Currently working in the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) as Bangladesh correspondent.
Photographs published in Blink, Time, Newsweek, Der Speigel, New Internationalist, Guardian, International Herald Tribune, Asiaweek, Elmundo, Stern, Geo etc.
Won Mother jones award for the documentary project War Veterans of Bangladesh in 2001.Main interest of photography are social issues, environmental issues, political issues. See Abir works on

Fire Eater


4 thoughts on “Fire Eater by Abir Abdullah

  1. blade . . . says:

    Actually we make a picture in our mind. I think it’s not just look like going out with camera and taking picture. I think it’s make it totally different mission. It’s come 100% from sense or sole. I agree your point of view. Most of the time color is influence us at the same time NEWS paper industries also prefer color picture to published BUT you make it excellent BLACK& WHITE picture … WE hope to trying to change industrial look ……………………………..monirul alam

  2. g r sohail says:

    hi abir, this is your singneture.very good work, you know how to make best photo? sohail sylhet

  3. jashim salam says:

    fantastic shot Abir bhai.
    love the composition of this image.
    truly amazing shot.

  4. adnan says:

    an abir abdullah special! yes, it is very spontaneous shot, i think. everybody says abir bhai has that third eye what a photographer needs. this photo proves that! thanks for sharing!

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