Mental Patient by Shoeb Faruquee

An 18-year old man is restrained using a ‘Kunda’ at the Zoara Ayurvedic Mental Hospital in a remote village of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The hospital comprises small muddy rooms. In addition to undergoing long periods of restraint, patient is given ayurvedic medicines. The proprietor of the Zoara hospital says thousands have been cured there since it was founnded in 1880.

The environment of this hospital room, the texture of the wall made by earth and the treatment system is all very primitive. Along with the composition the most striking for me is the terrible cry of the violent mental patient to be free; the emotion really touched my soul.

Photography is his hobby, his passion, his profession. Photography is his love, his life. His photography is the other name of his love and lust for life. He is Shoeb Faruquee, a soul dedicated solely for photography. Born in 1960, Faruquee started professional photography in 1990. He is the founder director of Photoart Institute and Photobank Gallery of Chittagong. From 2002-2004, he was the general secretary of Chattagram Photographic Society (CPS) and a member of Jury for several national photography competitions including the 2nd CPS International Photo Contest 2003. Mr. Faruquee’s news and feature photo has since been widely published in the nation’s leading newspapers and magazines. His stock images have also been used in renowned organizations and companies and in prestigious albums and other publications both home and abroad like:
Muehlhaus & Kommunnication GMBH, Germany /Unicef, Switzerland/New Internationalist Magazine, UK.
Helvetas, Switzerland/WHO Journal, Switzerland /Open University, UK. – Course book /Annual Report – Global fund for children /UNEP/Save the children, Australia

The field of Faruquee’s work is wide and all encompassing. All the sides and aspects of human life and nature are included into his working arena. His works are highly acclaimed and awarded nationally and internationally
A brief list of major awards and citations won by Shoeb Faruquee is mentioned below:

He is the recipient of 60 international awards, including:
3rd Place on “My Planet”- Nikon International Photo Contest 2008-2009
1st Prize, 3rd Prize, Honor Mention, Mario Carara Prize forBest of show on the 7th International Photo Competition Giuliano Carrara, Italy in 2008………. (Total Four Prizes)
2nd prize on “Contemporary Issues-Singles” -48th World Press Photo Contest 2005
Grand Prix- Venice International Photo contest, Italy in 2005
Three consecutive Asahi Shimbun Award- The 63rd, 64th & 65th International Photographic Salon of Japan in 2002, 2003 & 2004
Grand Prix (Nikon Prize) -“ACCU Photo contest in Asia and the pacific” –2002, Japan
1st prize: Bronze Trophy, Gold medal from Federation of International Art Photography (FIAP), Gold medal from Federation of Italian Art Photography (FIAF) – in ‘10th & 11th International Photographic Competition’ “Francesco Forno” Trophy “The man and the Sea” –2006 & 2007 Two times in a row, Italy
2nd Prize (B&W) and 2nd Prize (Digiart) and three honorable mention ‘WHO Photo and Video Contest’ 2006,
Switzerland. ………. (Total Five Prizes)

Al Thani Gold Medal – Al-Thani Award for Photography 2007, Qatar

1st Prize: FIAP Gold and 1st Fiap honor mention (Food Section), 2nd Prize FIAP Silver (free section) on ‘Hellas 1st International Digital Photography Competition’ – 2007, Athens. (Total three prizes)
Shobe Faruquee


8 thoughts on “Mental Patient by Shoeb Faruquee

  1. blade . . . says:

    I see you picture its really painful specially the patent expression/emotion. It’s a big pain and you took a Black/White picture it’s really striking. You captured the really moment and your composition is so strong and comprehensible the environment. Presently press media the press photographer is try to take very bold picture, subject maybe the advantage of wide angle lance . .. . I think your are not . Faruquee bhai this is my opinion that you are the Master of Salon Photographer of Bangladesh ……………………………monirul

  2. Mohammad Ashraful Huda says:

    Well the World Press Photo winning pic is here!!! This is really a mind stopping image. The pain, the emotion, the composition touch the soul. Thank you Sir>>>
    Wish you all the best!!!!

  3. jashim salam says:

    a masterpiece from Mr. Faruquee.the composition and the environment with this patient in B&W is absolutely stunning.we couldn’t have ask better than this.
    the agony,pain and his mental state in this tiny provably 6 by 6 room revealed in just a single shot.
    hat’s off for Mr.Faruquee for such an awesome image and bringing us a glory of World press photo award.

  4. arpana awwal says:

    the photograph is striking! but wt i want to know is wht wz your concentration. the pain? or the inside story?

  5. Ashish says:

    my question is also same like Arpana Awwal…what is the Photographers Concentration?

  6. Rumi Lutful Hasan says:

    Oh! I got the answer!!
    It’s the 3rd day in the institution.
    I saw this photo on his ( SHOEB FARUQEE) studio.
    I had question in my mind about this photo.
    Oh I got the answer!!

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  8. well, i always join photo contests but i have not yet won a photo contest ;

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