The Brave Heart by Jashim Salam

Firefighters desperately try to extinguish the fire raging through garment factories at Asadgonj in Chittagong. The two garment factories Apollo and Angelic housed in the five storied building situated in the business hub of Chittagong were entirely burned to the ground. Chittagong, Bangladesh. November 24 2008

I like the shot because it’s a war like situation when fire broke out and the firefighters are born warriors to save the people and their precious belonging.The fire fighters and their equipments are not sufficient and modern but still they save many lives and valuables of people in Bangladesh. As the high rise buildings and other industrial and commercial plant is more vulnerable to fire, it is high time to develop firefighting system and patronize
these brave heart soldiers.

Jashim Salam born in 1978 – Chaktai, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Having a course in photography from Photoart institute Chittagong, he is now working as a contributor photographer for Driknews international news photo agency.
He achieved awards in 69th International Photographic Salon of Japan (Asahi Shimbun) held in 2008, organized by THE ALL-JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCITIES (AJAPS).
Finalists of the «Europe and Asia – dialogue of cultures» Photo Contest 2009.
His photographs published widely in national dailies.
Photo published in ‘Unseen Asia’ category of The Reader’s Digest Asia, September 2007.
Photographs published in Himal Southasian.
Photo published at “Better Photography” magazine, June and July 2008 edition
Photo story “Towards Last Prayer” published at “Better Photography” magazine, August 2008 edition.
Photo published at National Geography and Reuter’s site
Awarded “Honorable Mention” in photo contest ”Fighting corruption a collective responsibility” organized by UNDP and DRIK Dhaka in December 2007.
Awarded “3rd prize” in photo contest “Working people of Bangladesh”
orgonized by Maati Imaging Bangladesh dhaka in 2008.

Web site:

the braveheart


17 thoughts on “The Brave Heart by Jashim Salam

  1. blade . . . says:

    I like your picture it’s a good silhouette form you create at the same time background is more interesting BUT need a good photoshop. I visited your web and find another silhouette picture which I like more……… may be I am not wrong it’s your water festival series.Thanking you for your active participation ……………………monirul

  2. Babu Khan says:

    Dear Monirul,

    you really confused me. The photographer mentioned the Firefighters desperately try to extinguish the fire raging through garment factories at Asadgonj in Chittagong.

    But you tell this photo was taken during the water festival.

    Which one is the right information? This is very confusion!


    • blade . . . says:

      No confusing. I mention “another” silhouette picture. Which I saw his website and it’s may be Water Festival series. Please read carefully. Thanks to visit BLADE Magazine. I need your all coopration thanks again to your interest about BLADE ………………………monirul

  3. Shah Sazzad says:

    Nice … but probably the fire needs to be more distinguishable. Maybe …

  4. jashim salam says:

    Thank you monirul vai for your precious suggestion,give me the opportunity to publish in your magazine, like my images and visit my website.

  5. Mohammad Ashraful Huda says:

    Jashim Bhai,

    Fatafati hoyse!!

    Keep it Up!!!

  6. Arafat Ul Karim says:

    Congrts…..Keep it up….

  7. jashim salam says:

    Thank you very much Ashraf vai.

  8. Ishrat Jahan says:

    Its a very nice and fabulous photograph. The credit goes to the photographer…excellent job…keep it up.

  9. i saw this pix at ur home jashim vai n I’ve amazed!!! it was a wonderful shot…i wish very best of luck to u…

  10. Nadia Jasmine Rahman says:

    awesome work… jashim bhaiya…keep it up….it gives an illusion of “war”…which makes it more meaningful…..

  11. jashim salam says:

    thank you very much everyone for your wonderful comments..

  12. Sifat says:

    It does not look like a photo, it looks more like a painting…outstanding capture!

    • blade . . . says:

      Thanks to visit BLADE magazine and I would like to request please don’t mix with Painting ………..Photography itself an ART………………….monirul

  13. Royena says:

    WOW……….Awesome and its really meaningful photograph…..just love it too much!!!
    Really u r a genius……i love ur all photos in flickr. Im really glad to meet such a brilliant photographer like u.
    Two thumbs up bro!


  14. Babu Khan says:

    sorry Monir Vai, my mis understanding!

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