New Afghanistan by M N I Chowdhury

Times are changing in Afghanistan – Before, under the Taliban regime, taking photos or making videos of brides was absolutely forbidden. Now in most Afghan families there is a special photo session for the bride when she can show off her dress on the wedding day. Afghanistan April 2006 © M N I Chowdhury

Statement: Wedding ceremonies differ from culture to culture. As I am not familiar with Afghan wedding, I was watching each and every trait with utter enthusiasm. I said ‘watching’ because being completely ignorant about their language; I had no other choice but to do my work as quiet as a dumb. Any way, there are many rich who arrange private photo and video sessions during their wedding which is to be viewed with friends and families only. I took this frame from such a session. As we have an influence of Indian culture in our country, theirs is a combination of Arabic and European culture. The thing that amused me most is that in their weddings the bridegroom has to bear all the costs of the wedding relieving the bride’s family.

M N I Chowdhury is a documentary photographer based in Bangladesh. Born in 1982, he completed his Bachelor in Commerce (Hons) from National University of Dhaka College in 2003. In 2005, he passed out from Pathshala, South Asian Institute of Photography with a degree in Photography.

M N I Chowdhury’s special interest lies in night photography, graffiti on walls and pictorial images that are feature based. His photo stories include ‘Night at Dhaka Railway Station’, ‘St. Martin’, ‘ Istema’, ‘Night Life in the City’, ‘Wall Painting’, ‘New Afghanistan’, ‘Stone Gathering’, to name just a few. His photographs have been exhibited in Thailand, Nepal and Bangladesh and published in various newspapers, calendars, and photo books. He was an exchange participant to Afghanistan from Bangladesh in 2005-2006. Currently, he is working as a Freelance Photographer.



New Afghanistan


3 thoughts on “New Afghanistan by M N I Chowdhury

  1. monirul alam says:

    I like your picture I think you create a very contrast color and light and record the real moment. So far I know you work in Afghanistan a very long time. For my curiosity is it really to change Afghanistan or its make propaganda from western media? Is it truth; what’s their feeling about this kind of changing? ………….monirul

  2. adnan says:

    new bride, new life, new afghanistan! i like the title of the photo. at the same time, i want to know about the changes that the afghans are having now. like monirul bhai, its also my question that whether the ‘change’ is in existence or its a western media propaganda! its true that there are no more islamic fundamentalism exists like before, but there are now western cultural aggression. are the afghans eager to change this condition also?

  3. KAZI TAZIM says:

    He is a brilliant photo artist (I rather say); he is outstanding being only 37. He has a long way to go. I know him via e-mails and spoke to him over phone but couldn’t meet him; which I will if Allah permits.

    Keep it up……

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