BDR Mutiny by Shawkat Jamil

The softer side of a soldier is seen at BDR Gate-4 near Jigatola after hearing about 39 bodies of BDR officers being found.Feb 2009.©Shawkat Jamil

Statement: BDR mutiny on third day morning along with my three colleagues I work all the time i was looking for a different photo all on a sudden I saw an army was crying a shot while.

Shawkat Jamil born in 1956, 22 June.
Started as a writing journalist after that switch his carrier as a photojournalist in 1981 at the Daily Shangbad. Currently working as a senior photojournalist the Daily Star news paper.



BDR Mutiny by Shawkat Jamil


5 thoughts on “BDR Mutiny by Shawkat Jamil

  1. blade . . . says:

    Shawkat Jamil bhai is a senior and experienced photojournalist in Bangladesh. He always tries to take different picture. This picture is shown as an example. The soldier is silently weeping who lost their many more officers after BDR mutiny. I think this is a very symbolic picture of BDR Mutiny. I like this picture very much…………………….monirul

  2. Shah Sazzad says:

    Wow – simply stunning.

  3. adnan says:

    a heart breaking and touchy moment…when i was inside of the BDR Headquarter on the day army opened it for the journalists, i saw everything hazy through the viewfinder….i took lots of photos….later i found why did i see everything hazy… eyes were full of tears…..

  4. Pavel Rahman says:

    What a show!
    I always love and enjoy photography with Sahwkat Jamil, a senior and honest photojournalist, whose eyes and shutter work, during BDR mutiny, but we missed.
    Congratulation once again ‘Dear Jamil.’

    Pavel Rahman

  5. Zahidul Karim says:

    this is a very unusual seen which caught by Jamil’s eyes.
    In the second day of BDR mutiny, following with a information, I find a place. I saw the dead body is carrying out from a big area beside BDR hospital. I was stand that when will end the counting of bodies.

    Zahidul karim Salim

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