Landslide by Abu Taher Khokon

A member of a rescue team brings the dead body of an infant from its mother’s lap while others are trying to pull up the body of the mother. June 2009 Chittagong. © Abu Taher Khokon

Statement: In my 23 years career I  snapped thousands of events and to face different of emotions and feelings. During landslide in Chittagong, I was repeatedly snapped the event, at one stage I have seen a child was rescued at his mother’s lap under the mud. I was bitterly shocked and stopped for a while thinking my three years old daughter….the baby was slept at the safest place in the world but she died I was surprised I don’t know its right or wrong as a professional photojournalist ….but my emotion led me to think as human being and I continued.

Abu Taher Khokon born in Bangladesh in 1964, June.
He started his photography career in 1986 at the daily New Nation as a staff photojournalist. Long years experience in different daily English news paper. Khokon’s currently working in the Daily New Age as chief photojournalist.

Award:Asia Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)/ JapanAwardl994.1995.1996/AFEJ-ADB-Asia-Pacific best photojournalist; Award in1998/ United Nation Award 1998/Moments. Intimacy. Laughter.Kinship (M.LL.K)/ Award New Zealand 2000/ Press Foundation of Asia Award Bangladesh and Malaysia Chfapters 2002/ China Press Photo Contest Award in China 2004.

Member: Permanent member of Journalist Association / Permanent member of National Press Club.





9 thoughts on “Landslide by Abu Taher Khokon

  1. blade . . . says:

    Abu Taher Khokon bhai is a serious in his photographic profession. He is dynamic spot news photo journalist in Bangladesh. So far I know several times he was critically injured when he cover on political assignment. Unfortunately he was not attending his father and mother’s funeral programmed because he was admitted on the hospital bad. I am greeting Khokon bhai for his active dedication in photojournalism. In this picture is heart-rending. We know any kind of disaster children are the first victims and facing helpless position. I deeply mourn again this innocent baby’s…………………monirul

  2. adnan says:

    its a man made nightmare……nature’s cruel revenge…….

  3. Andrew Biraj says:

    This is one of the most compelling images I’ve ever seen. The unavoidable fact has been clinched by the delicate personalization. Most of the time viewers are not able to communicate the personal stories behind a picture. Here, Khokon bhai’s own statement made the picture intimate, courageous and undeniable.

  4. Shah Sazzad says:

    I have opened this image countless time but was at a loss for words … still am.

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