Prayer for rain by Firoz Ahmed

A peacock spreads its wings to present its beauty before the visitors at the Dhaka Zoo. July 22, 2009 Dhaka. © Firoz Ahmed

Statement: It is so charming to see but at the present time I just feel the heart of nature when it chirps. Because when the nation waits for the accepted rain and the peacock always spreads its feathers when the rain has come. I just feel the Peacock also prayer for rain.

Firoz Ahmed born in Bangladesh in 1975, July 13.
He started his photography career in 2005 at the online news paper as a staff photojournalist. Firoz Ahmed currently working in the as chief photojournalist.

Photograph published in the Rory Peck Awards 2007 ( and in the balance Press freedom in South Asia 2007-2008( /

Member: Member of Bangladesh Photo Journalist Association

Prayer for rain by Firoz Ahmed


3 thoughts on “Prayer for rain by Firoz Ahmed

  1. blade . . . says:

    It’s a nice and entertaining picture Firoz taking a good moment. Firoz working as a new brilliant in our society I hope in future to see more interesting picture from Firoz…………..monirul

  2. adnan says:

    it is simply a great catch! the colour is so vivid! i have never seen any angry peacock’s face like this one!

  3. Priom says:


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