Unstable Living by Zahidul Karim Salim

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is the city with the highest population growth in the world. About 28% of the population is poor. Some 3.4 million live in slums of total 13 millions in mega city Dhaka. They always run for dwelling place in Dhaka. Basically they live on street, railway line, and government land.
Fire is smash up a Bosti once again. Kamlapur railway bosti (slum community living area) is the victim in this time. The dweller has started to run away. A family becomes immovable during fire on their loveable home. They are totally hopeless to save anything. Now a days two side of rail pathway is barricaded with chain. The signal is nobody can make home again here. Around two hundred family lived there. After 30 minutes fire brigade came and after 2 hours continue trying, they can stop increasing the fire. ©Zahidul Karim Salim. January, 2007

I was running by bike, suddenly I saw this fire at Kamlapur railway Bosti. I was the first photojournalist to covering this. Two things arrive in my mind, should I call to fire brigade then go for shoot? Then I decided to shoot first for commitment on professionalism. I saw the damage of whole Bosti. And fire crew came there after 30 minutes long.

Zahidul Karim Salim born in September 1978 Dhaka.
Started his photography career as a freelancer photographer in 2000. He joined IKON photo and worked with different newspapers and magazines. Currently he is working with Bangla daily named `The Daily Prothom Alo’ as a staff photojournalist for 3 years. He is completed Graduation in photography from Pathshala’ The South Asian Institute of Photography in 2003. He received third prize of ‘Photo Competition on Security Dhaka’ organized by GTZ.

Website: www.lightstalkers.org/zks



5 thoughts on “Unstable Living by Zahidul Karim Salim

  1. blade . . . says:

    Zahidul Karim Salim is a promising young photojournalist in Bangladesh. I think this picture set up an agenda how the slum people live in the Dhaka city…………monirul

  2. Andrew Biraj says:

    Salim’s initial involvement of documentary story telling gives an extra dimension to his day-to-day news pictures. I remember during the time 2002-2003, his photo story on baul spiritualist Khalek Dewan, has been one of the most mentionable long-term project. I found Salim’s works, including this one is no exception than an always-searching attitude that he obtained from the very beginning, as a dedicated photographer.

  3. Priom says:

    Striking photograph indeed,congrats to Mr. Zahidul Karim.

  4. Shah Sazzad says:

    Information in News photography is crucial then in its aesthetics value. I believe Salim is only a few photographers of Bangladesh who dares to merge both the news context and aesthetics in a few seconds of decision – the opportunist woman in the image probably spoiled the feeling but the image serves the purpose of the News.

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