Rangshom Mro by Sumon Yusuf

“ Rangshom Mro” – a murong tribe of Bandarban district. He is the man of 65 years & the leader of “Langrui” village. Tired & trusty Rangshom is taking water by setting a “Choung” (Bamboo Pipe) on the “Pahari Jhiri” ( Water Falls in Hill Area) at the hill on the way of hunting. The water distribution / supply system in the hill side not up to the mark. The water falls is the only source of drinking water for them. Even though it is a reliable source every years get attack diarrhea & die. Bandarban April 2007 © Sumon Yusuf

I worked in “Langrui” the village of murong tribal in Bandarban district for last two years & I studied on their life style. Hill tracks attracted me from my childhood & still now I’m being attracted. I am fond of it. I had trip with a group to the hill on November 2005. There spent some time with the murong tribal & talked with them. From then I decided to do a photography project on murong life style. On a trip to langrui I met “Rangshom Karbari”, the leader of the village. He was on the way of hunting to the hill. After a long time he stood beside a “Pahari Jhiri” ( Water Falls in Hill Area) & satisfied his thrust “CHOUNG” (a Bamboo Pipe) which was on his hand.

Sumon Yusuf was born in 1980 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His passion for photography began with a periodical published in Dhaka in 2001. A Minolta 300X Camera was his first tool to begin Photography. Sumon saw what he describes as ‘a childish and curious expression in people’s faces’ which attracted him to advance in the world of photography.

He completed a three month basic course on photography in ‘Centre for Asian Arts and Culture’ in Dhaka in 2002. He also completed a Diploma on Photography from ‘South Asian Institute of Photography’, Pathshala, in 2005. After that he worked as a freelance photographer last three years.

His major client is ‘Save The Children (Australia)’ ‘James P.Grant School Of Public Health, Brac University’ ‘Standard Chartered Bank’ ‘Grameen Phone’ ‘Bangla Cat’ ‘Inter Speed’ Bench Mark’ etc. In 2006 he worked with some Bengali leading newspaper the Daily Porthom-Alo and the Daily Samakal.

Recently making a photo essay on indigenous ‘Shaotal’ community and indigenous ‘Murong’ people in Bandarban hill-tracts district of Bangladesh.

web address : www.majorityworld.com

Rangshom Mro by Sumon Yusuf


13 thoughts on “Rangshom Mro by Sumon Yusuf

  1. blade . . . says:

    Sumon is a very young talented photography in Bangladesh. So far I know Sumon work with indigenous people long time and he has a very good body of work of hill people and his project is long-lasting I think in future we see a good photo essay from sumon……………….monirul

  2. adnan says:

    thanks to Mr. Suman Yusuf for sharing this photo in blade.

  3. Syed Mehadi Hasan says:


    I am very pleased to see ur photographs and regarding ur career. I wish ur success in life.

    Syed Mehadi Hasan

  4. bhai lok says:

    doa kori tumi boro hou r o boro. amar malik tomar shohay hok

  5. salek khokon says:

    very nice photo.i think this photo is the samble of hill people nature.carry on sumon.

  6. S.Arefin Olive says:

    Sumon Yusuf…a young good photographer….about “Rangshom Karbari” project is Good. Best of luck.

  7. Alauddin Al Hossain Alon says:

    Dear Sumon,
    Thanks remember me on mail.
    Its really wonderful. I am impressed. would you pls send me more picture to see the tribal human & nature of my Beautiful country.
    If any exhibition pls inform

    malik doya korun

    alon bhai

  8. Alauddin Al Hossain Alon says:

    thanks for wonderfull photography.


  9. Zahidul Karim Salim says:

    simply good journey to follow. Sumon shown his passion doing hill project.
    Carry On….

  10. A.R. Masum says:

    Simply the very best photography in such a age…wish u all the best in every aspect of ur life..carry on bro

  11. বন্ধু says:

    আমরা বেসেছি যারা অন্ধকারে দীর্ঘ শীতরাত্রিটিরে ভালো,
    খড়ের চালের পরে শুনিয়াছি মুগ্ধ রাতে ডানার সঞ্চার;
    পুরোনা পেঁচার ঘ্রাণ — অন্ধকারে আবার সে কোথায় হারালো!
    বুঝেছি শীতের রাত অপরূপ — মাঠে মাঠে ডানা ভাসাবার
    গভীর আহ্লাদে ভরা; অশত্থের ডালে ডালে ডাকিয়াছে বক;
    আমরা বুঝেছি যারা জীবনের এই সব নিভৃত কুহক;

  12. Omar Faruk says:

    Wounderful. This photograp is realy so nice. thank u for this photograp.
    Channel i News

  13. Rana says:

    it’s amazing! i m feeling the thrill u enjoy in hill areas…. Hah….. Hah…. Hah….

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