Protesting Rally by Qamruzzaman

Activists of Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB) march toward Muktangan in Dhaka on August 27, 2006 to join a rally protesting the killing at Phulbari, Dinajpur on 26 August. At least three men were killed as police opened fire on people demonstrating against Asia Energy’s planned open-pit mining. Four days after the demonstrations, the then BNP-led government 4-party Alliance on August 30 signed a six-point agreement with protesters, spearheaded by the national committee to protect oil, gas, mineral resources, power and port to expel Asia Energy from Bangladesh and ban open-pit mining. But implementation of the agreement was not executed as Asia Energy is still active in the country. Dhaka August 2009.

Three years have gone by. BNP-led government is not in power right now. New government of Mega Alliance led by Awami League ascended on throne who also raised their voices to oust Asia Energy from the country that time as they were in opposition. But irony is that they are mum about that agreement nowadays. Moreover, the government very lately awarded two foreign firms, U.S. company ConocoPhilips and Ireland ‘s Tullow, to explore oil and gas in the Bay of Bengal . The national committee to protect oil, gas, mineral resources, power and port has already started a campaign against it. But the funniest thing is that now BNP also started saying that they “will not let the government hand country’s resources to the foreigners”.

Qamruzzaman lately has obtained the Bachelor degree in photography from Pathshala: South Asian Media Academy and Institute of Photography. A journalism graduate of Dhaka University, Zaman has won no award or recognition yet. He works for Xinhua News Agency in Dhaka bureau.




4 thoughts on “Protesting Rally by Qamruzzaman

  1. monirul alam says:

    Qamruzzaman has a good photojournalist eye. I think he captured a
    good lighting and different perspective of news picture . I like this B/W picture………………monirul

  2. Sometimes shadow reminds us the subject….
    Nice pattern…. good work….
    Always try different…. this is exception of Zaman Photography
    Zahidul Salim

  3. Shah Sazzad says:

    These men are walking purposefully and with long strides. The latitude of shadows, and the highlight beside the pattern seems to validate the purpose and emphasize the situation – grim as the story goes.

  4. Priom says:

    Unbelievable work.It perfectly depicts the political instability,the scene that we Bangladeshi people have been used to seeing a lot.What amazes me most about this photo is here each person is separated from his own shadow,something you can relate to our nation dominated over decades by BNP and Awami League.Seats are taken over but the instability remains.
    Best regards to Mr. Qamruzzaman. 🙂

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