City Wheeler by Tanvir Murad Topu

The thing that makes Dhaka different from the other cities of the world is the rickshaw. This three-wheeler semi-mechanical mode of transport has used widely almost all over the city. The rickshaw puller comes from different parts of Bangladesh. All of them have different work backgrounds, such as farming, daily labour, business, etc. But they come to this city to earn more money and cash. It helps their family to survive. They work in the city when they don’t have any work their hometowns, earn some cash and return back home. In Dhaka, they live in the slum areas without adequate water, electricity and education, amidst unhealthy and unsanitary conditions. They work hard to run the wheels of the city, but do not lead a good life.

This is the general idea. Like one photographer I also have an idea and went for my documentary project but meanwhile I was photographing
my idea changed. I want to show my personal experience that I had for last couple of months. The tiny moments those amuse me.

I’m trying to portray their life, trying to tell the many stories of the rickshaw puller, creating a big canvas of their lives.

Tanvir Murad Topu was born in 1978 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completing his degree in Anthropology from Jahangir Nagar University
in 2003 he started his carrier at Drik. He was working as Coordinator of Gallery & Exhibition. He is one of the graduating students of 8th batch of Pathshala, South Asian Institute of Photography.

His work has been published in various magazines like Himal, South Asia, Magazine X, Norway and The Daily Telegraph, UK.

He is interested in documentary photography, subjects like religion,
politics and socio-economics. He has also interest in visual
anthropology, curating and contemporary art.
Now he is working as a freelance photographer based in Dhaka.





2 thoughts on “City Wheeler by Tanvir Murad Topu

  1. Shah Sazzad says:

    Yeeess – a fantastic portrait. Yesterday and Today 23 October in the letter section of Daily Star a letter was published: Withdraw Rickshaw: Despite my repeated attempt to publish my views I could not. So I decided to post it here, as an acknowledgment to a photographer who I hope shall bring out facts and not some intolerant views.

    My comment -“I have only one question to ask – Does anyone have ever tried plying Rickshaw for a day leave alone months after months. The way the debate goes on one would think the rickshaw pullers are joker and we are the lords. Here we are talking about lacs of employment. Debating on the livelihood of lacs of people should not be a personal preference but more of a rational solution that has to be reached. And let me tell you a solution – Develop the substantial economy of our rural. The rest is equation not hollow views.”

  2. monir says:

    I like this picture its interesting composition and use great light. I think in the lower right site figure is mysterious its look so good………………………monirul

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