Folk Singer Kangaline Sufia

“ In Agun, the paddy field’s beauty is the golden air

The beautiful belle’s beauty is her long back hair.

The arm’s beauty is the amulet; the nose’s beauty is the ring;

The hand’s beauty is the bangle, the heart’s beauty is when we sing.”

(Agun- the eight month of the Bengali Calendar.)

– Folk song; Singer- Kofiluddin

About Hasib Zakaria

The journey of last ten years at Pathshala from being a graduate student to being a teacher has been a life altering experience. As a mentor I have tried to share those experiences with my students.

Pathshala, South Asian Institution of Photography is not just an institution, but is also one of the finest centres for training photographers in this region. It is popular for its problem-based learning, based on real life experience. Students here are not only taught the mechanics of operating camera, but about social interaction and about the community.

Though my passion for photography can be traced back to early 90’s but I started professional photography from 1996, after graduating from the Business school of the University of Dhaka. Since then I have been working with many local NGOs, different medias and advertising agencies. My area of interest is mainly socio-political issue. I have tried to present life through my photographs. Some of my favourite works focus on the cultural and aesthetical aspects of music and musicians in our country.

The desire to create a wave of change and to set new dimensions for photography have been the driving force in my life. I harbour the dream to train some of the finest photographers in this institution.

-Hasib Zakaria



6 thoughts on “Folk Singer Kangaline Sufia

  1. Amirul Rajiv says:

    Hasib bhai is the most inspiring teacher of pathshala for me. His continuous passion for photographic art and life have a great significance. His effort of melting the expression from the students is also unique! He was the only person in Pathshala who backed my art practice among highly recommended pre-concept narrative tellers. Now am practicing how to transform my dreams into materialistic visual and I always feel his inspiration!

    Red Salute

  2. salek khokon says:

    very nice and thinkable photograph i ever seen. carry on hasib bahi.

  3. Zahidul Salim says:

    Hasib bhai….always ‘your inspiration’ is remind me to ‘try once again’….
    Please take care of your health…

  4. Shah Sazzad says:

    Hasib Bhai you are actually the wave we are surfing on… and more will follow suit. Great to see your participation. I will follow suit.

  5. Munira Morshed Munni says:

    Very nice picture. Thanks Hasib.

  6. shawkat Jamil khan says:

    An excellent photo. thank you to give me an opportunity to see like that thinkable photo

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