Building Collapse by Hasan Raja

A woman tried to break after firefighters retrieved her relatives body at the site of a five-story building collapse in Dhaka. A five-story apartment building collapsed in Bangladesh's capital and its debris buried some nearby shanties, killing at least 10 people and leaving several others trapped, authorities said. Copy Right-Hasan Raja

Hasan Raja born in 1978 June 26 Dhaka.

Started as a photojournalist in 2000 at the Daily Khabor and Borar Kagoje news paper. Currently   working as a staff photojournalist the Daily Prothom Alo newspaper. He was completed one year Diploma in Photography 2009 from Pathshala, The South Asian Institute of Photography. He is more interested in news based documentary photography.


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6 thoughts on “Building Collapse by Hasan Raja

  1. Amirul Rajiv says:

    dear raja: now a days i see less photo from you at palo.
    i saw some strong photo from you earlier…
    hope you totally recovered from the accident &
    continue showing your talent…

  2. What is really important is keep taking really good and interesting photos as you’ve always done. I hope to see really interesting images from you. You’ve done some really good and interesting features on Prothom Alo, I really appreciate it and I want to see more of your work. Keep mesmerizing …

  3. salek khokon says:

    Really the photo is nice. It was a painful moment.

  4. Andrew Biraj says:

    It’s undoubtedly a poignant and compelling image of that particular occurrence. This one image is more than enough to portray the whole situation. Raza, once again showed his extreme talent as one of the most promising emerging photojournalist. But pity, that this image has been published in the next day with another photographer’s by-name, ignoring the photographer’s hard work.

  5. This is one of great photo raza has taken.
    He is not bloomed fully…
    A lot of great work is comming soon from him….
    Hold it up and go forwad….

  6. H. N. Ashequr Rahman says:

    Awesome Raza vai… hope to see a lot of brave photojournalism in coming days..:)

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