Environmental Bluest by Kakoli Prodhan


I am moving on being worried with numberless thoughts crowding pell-mell into my minds. Thus I approach to the little lives, approaching to shobuj, Roni Asad, Ashraful, Mina and Moina.They are many in numbers They are child labors.

It is as if the surroundings were covered with a sphere of smoke. Its Matuail,Jatrabari. All the garbage’s of Dhaka are thrown here.

Mina, Moina … collect scraps for the stake of garbage’s. When they were supposed to inhale oxygen form the amid of green now they are inhaling methane gas from rotten garbage. They all are familiarized with my camera, among them shobuj throw question to me, What do you do with the picture, apa? I know you’ll send them to abroad and they will shout to stop our work. We are poor apa, don’t kill us by starting, you’ll earn by sending our pictures but we won’t get our foods if they stop us working”

What should I say? Why I’m taking picture of them? If say ‘no’ I don’t take picture to send these abroad, would they believe me? If I say, they have the right to live a healthy life, could they understand me? I get shiver thinking about heir upcoming days. I get shiver seeing their health is in great risk. They need treatment; they need food at least two times in a day, which should be confirmed. That’s why I take their photos. Could they realize these so-called civilized societies? No, they couldn’t. Because they are hungry. Their houses are full of hunger. The bad smell of garbage doesn’t make any repartition in their mind. Because they have to live here. So I also want to raise slogan with them-at first the security of food and then stop child lab our. We don’t know when our country will afford us that day when our children won’t have to move on a hazardous life, to find their food.Copy Right-Kakoli Prodhan

Short BIO

Kakoli Prodhan working as a Bangladeshi based photojournalist. When she was a university student she works as a contributing writing journalist in bangla daily. She was completed her masters M.A Bengoli literature from National University. As an experience she thinks that visual language is more applicable, she switches her profession. Later on she was completed advanced level photography from Pathshala in 2005.She worked numerous newspapers as a photojournalist. Now she is working as a senior photojournalist the Daily Kaler Kantha bangla news paper. Her main interest is documentary photography. She is working her long term personal project Women in Bangladesh.

Web:  http://www.kalerkantho.com./


7 thoughts on “Environmental Bluest by Kakoli Prodhan

  1. salek khokon says:

    The pic says that kakoli prodhan is a good photojournalist not only potr. but also in documentary.

  2. dada says:

    বহু বার এনজিও অফিসে দেখা ছবি।

  3. Munira Morshed Munni says:

    kakoli, I like your nice picture and I love your words.
    Go ahead.
    Take care. love & hug

  4. glad to see this korra relation….

  5. Shawkat Jamil Khan says:

    Kakoli it is a nice photo with strong news, how a little child work with garbage and of her face from so-called civilized societies Thanks a lot to show us difference of the societies

  6. mcqforlife says:

    Dear Kakoli
    Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.I do strongly believe that u got passion for them… … never never never give up

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