Emon Jodi Hoto by Shah Sazzad

Emon Jodi Hoto Copy Right:Shah Sazzad

Project:As part of their commitment to nurture and promote the talent of the children, Khude Shilpir Khoje for the third year running organized the competition titled – Emon Jodi Hoto, and invited school children across the country to paint their thoughts and dreams of an ideal world. The winning entries were published by the Prime Bank Limited in their 2008 Desk top calendar. In history paintings & photography were also locked in confrontation for their positions in art. Both had survived. What it looks like when it is a collage of two medium? I decided to explore from the viewpoint of the children‚ refreshing and open minded and I offer to view from the traditional method of presentation – Bioscope.


Shah Sazzad born in1959.

He  graduated (2009) from Pathshala – the South Asian Media Academy and Institute of Photography. I enjoy reading and writing, as well as listening to music, traveling and animals. I have changed my profession innumerable times before photography and now I am in no doubt that here I shall remain. I shall be doing Social documentary. At present I am working as an tutor and Manager (Admin & Finance) for Pathshala.

With my perpetual habit of mixing with all classes & generations I do develop an idea, but what are noticeable to me are the extreme gaps between generations and classes in my country. Blending and merging the generation is a challenge but should not be overlooked because the mass needs to be addressed also, and we require them to serve all-purpose especially in nation building and most important mandating our policy maker.

I concede that every documentary incorporate the perspective of the photographer. But then I also concluded everything constitutional of society, state and policy are perceived.

Web: http://www.shahsazzad.com/


6 thoughts on “Emon Jodi Hoto by Shah Sazzad

  1. I want to know more about this art Compition. Such as age group, where we have to send or have to attain any date for paintion? My daughter(Iffat Chowdhury, age: 05, Class: Shishu, Little Angle School) is interested to join this program.

    See you soon.

  2. Very interesting and I like it.

  3. mainbulu says:

    Ki shundor dekha gelo, ghorai choira bari gelo.
    Appreciate your imagination.

  4. Rabeya says:

    khub sondor …idea ta valo legece…

  5. selina shumi says:

    really amazing….

  6. dipta prakash says:

    valo lagse…. 🙂

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