Let Democracy be Free by Pavel Rahman

    Caption: Dhaka 10, November 1987. Noor Hossain was gunned down when he was on the procession of the 15-party alliance with the slogan Let Democracy Be Free, Down with Autocrat inscribed on his chest. Copy Right: Pavel Rahman


    10th November 1987. Early of a winter morning. i was with my camera at the heart of a agitation point at Purana Polton crossing. An youth walk past without wear shirt. Suddenly my eye was stuck on his back. my heart is beating fast, i couldn’t think before
    that i saw on his back. that write a slogan’ Let Democracy Be Free’. Before anything realise i start shooting. i got two frame and i wait for more. After few minutes he lost but i miss him from my life……….

    Pavel Rahman born in 1956, 26 April Rangpur. Started photography career in 1973 at weekly Akota after that he work several daily news paper like daily Shangbad in 1976-80, Daily New Nation in 1980-93. He is also worked as a photo editor 1st time in Bangladesh the daily Banglabazar Patrika 1993 and daily Jonokonto 1994-1997. Presently he is working as a staff photojournalist of (Associated Press of America.) AP and also he work as Photo Adviser of countries largest circulated the daily Prothom Alo.

    Most of the News Events cover National & International level
    Covering country’s most of the national & international events from 1976 – 2010. Got the highest play through out the world newspapers & magazine including the cover page of News Week. Work with Bangladesh Prime Minister as a personal photographer. Attend and visited most of the world’s events including G-8 Summit in ItalyCovered MRF Championship Pakistan West Indies cricket at Eden Garden. Covered Cyclone in Urrier Char south part of Bangladesh of Chittagong Division. 1986 Covered Prince Aga Khan as a personal Photographer of Bangladesh PM1987 Covered India as a official photographer of Bangladesh PM, 1996. Covered China as a media personal with Bangladesh PM 1996, Visit Japan as a personal photographer of Bangladesh PM 1997, Covered Australian PM meeting in Perth in Australia 1998. Cover US President Clinton & Bangladesh PM Sk. Hasina meeting at White House in 1999. Covered Pakistan as a official photographer of Bangladesh PM. 1999, Covered Italy G-8 world Summit as a personal photographer of Sheikh Hasina 2001, US President Jimmy Carter’s personal Photographer during his visit to Dhaka. Covering several events in India -Sikh militant attack in Amrtisar. 1989, General Election, 1988 Italian PM visit in Taj Mahol,1993. Funeral of Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi. 1991. Cyclone in April 29, 1991 that affected in Chittagong which became published on cover page of NEWS WEEK. Cyclone SIDR and AILLA also covered world wide.

    Photo & News Published in International Media
    Published huge number of news photos in world’s prestigious newspapers and electronic media. Also published number of by line story in NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today on Bangladesh Cyclone and rural crisis of Bangladesh.
    Work with International News paper, Magazine and Agency
    Paris based photo agency GAMA as a photojournalist in 1988-1994.Daily Ananda Bazar –Kolkata- 1987-97.Daily The Statsman –Kolkata- 1988 – 2008. Asia Week- Hong Kong-1989-1998.

    Gold Medal at the national photo-exhibition in 1986.
    1st prize of Bangladesh press institute in 1988.
    Silver Medal in an Int’ Press Photo Competition in Brazil in 1990.
    Citation of Int’ Press Club in New York in 1991.
    APME, USA, award in 2007.
    Beat of the Week award in USA 2007.
    POYi, picture of the year, USA, award of Excellence 2008.
    National Headliner Award, USA, 2008.
    Best Photojournalist Award 2008 by NPPA, New York Press Photographers Association
    APME, USA, award in 2008.
    Honored as a photojournalist by the students of Journalism Dept. DU
    Organization:Former President Photo Journalist Forum, Life member of Photography Charkha, Kolkata. Publicity Secretary Commonwealth Journalist Association, Bangladesh 2008.Publicity Secretary Center for Licumia Assistance Support Service, Bangladesh.Member Overseas Correspondent Association Bangladesh. Or OCAB,Member National Press Club Dhaka.

    Several solo exhibition held in United Nation, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney, Australia and home country Bangladesh.
    Judge:North South University Photo Competition 2007 Daily Star countrywide Photo Competition 2008Photo Competition & Exhibition At NIMCO 2010

    Delivered lecture at a Workshop on photojournalist and Law enforce agencies. at Rajarbagh 1979.Attend Photojournalism workshop arrange by Press Institute of Bangladesh in 1983. Attend AMIC’S ‘photojournalism Course in Singapore in 1984.
    Delivered main Lecture on Photojournalism workshop for improving photojournalism, Sylhet Press Club 1994.Photojournalism Workshop, organized by AP at New Delhi in 1997.Attend Hostile Environment Training and First Aid in London by AP in 2001.
    Delivered main Lecture on Photojournalism Workshop at Rangpur 2001.Delivered main Lecture on Photojournalism Workshop at East West University 2001.Delivered main Lecture on Photojournalism workshop for improving photojournalism at NIPA.2004.Photojournalism Workshop at Daily Prothom Alo. 2005.Delivered main Lecture on Photojournalism workshop arrange by North South University 2006.Delivered main Lecture on Photojournalism workshop arrange by Asian Art & Cultural Stage 2006 Delivered main Lecture on Photojournalism workshop arrange by Public Relation Association 2007.Attend Digital Photojournalism Workshop, organized by AP at New Delhi in 2007. Attend as a key speaker on Digital Photojournalism Workshop, organized by National Institute of Mass Communication, NIMCO, Feb. 2010.Attend Digital Photojournalism Workshop, organized by CARE at Sylhet. May 2010.Photography workshop improving country’s Police photographer in Dhaka organized by Police training center, Rajarbagh. June 2010.Trainer at Photojournalism Workshop at Daily Prothom Alo. 2010.Photojournalism Workshop for country’s Women journalist organized by Press Institute of Bangladesh(PIB) May, 2010.

    Ex. Member of Joy Bangla Bhahini and actively work during liberation period in Dhaka’s Azimpur area.


    9 thoughts on “Let Democracy be Free by Pavel Rahman

    1. Salek Khokon says:

      Its a histrical photo for democracy. Sometimes the photographer makes the histry.When we see this we rebember Nur Hossain by heart. Pavel Rahaman is a great photographer.

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    3. Rasel says:


    4. zahidul salim says:

      We are lucky that we the photographers could meet him. There are many number of photographs which remind us always. This photo is already made a history. I wish Pavel bhai will think about the copyright of at least his known photo. His creation remind us to rethink. Great eye…great moment…great click…

    5. shawkat Jamil says:

      Let Democracy be Free photographer make some time a history or pick some think which may never known to other Noor hossain photo like this, pavel make him hero it was a great photo after a day when it was published. are we get Democracy or Democracy is free in this country

    6. blade . . . says:

      Pavel Rahman, AP Photojournalist ( Pavel bhai) is a MASTER of Photojournalism undoubtedly . So far I know him, he took many historical pictures which is more appreciated world wide anyway I would be glad to published his work in Blade. BUT as a Master he should be organized his all of works because once time, In our future generation have been missed his notable work . . .

      Let Democracy Be Free is one of his picture which I like it. Several times I see his picture and feel something. In Bangladesh in this picture turn a political movement and established Democracy. I am not to more discuss about political view. I discuss photojournalist point of view. . .

      Central compose and wide space used is make a different point of view because this kind of composition is seen very rear. . . after NOOR HOSSAIN gunned down it should be a definitely BREAKING news picture . . . I think covering any movement with technical knowledge and sixth sense is also important . . .

      By the way here I say one things Our media several time use his picture without use any credit my question is WHY ? Such practice is not good justices for media at the same time photojournalist also concern about this issue. In Bangladesh photojournalist recognition is deny most of the time I think we need strong picture policy which is applicable in our media industry . . .

      Note: As a blade editor would like to request you, please TEXT your opinion. BLADE need more discussion about photographer’s point of view

      cheers all

    7. Susan Mayall says:

      I have seen a photo in the Guardian newspaper taken by Mr Rahman.
      How do I get a copy of it? I have contacted Guardian and they dont reply. It isnt on their website in photos to buy.

      It appeared in the guardian (UK)20th Nov 2010 – Eyewitnessed ‘Pictures of the Week’ and is of people in Dhaka Bangladesh, crowding a train at Bitman Bandar Railway Station trying to get home on the first day of Eid al Adha

    8. mehedi hasan says:

      Dear Pavel,
      Best of luck., May you long life. And Wish a Progressive and trustworthy work in your working life.

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