Protest by Hasan Raja

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) activists set fire to a bus during a protest in Dhaka on November 13, 2010. Bangladeshi police November 13 battled with opposition activists who went on the rampage in the capital Dhaka protesting the alleged eviction of a former prime minister from her home. Officials said Khaleda Zia, leader of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party and a two-time ex-prime minister, left her sprawling house in a military district of Dhaka “willingly” after a court deadline to vacate the home expired on Friday.Copy Right:Hasan Raja

Hasan Raja born in 1978 June 26 Dhaka.

Started as a photojournalist in 2000 at the Daily Khabor and Borar Kagoje news paper. Currently working as a staff photojournalist the Daily Prothom Alo newspaper. He was completed one year Diploma in Photography 2009 from Pathshala, The South Asian Institute of Photography. He is more interested in news based documentary photography.


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2 thoughts on “Protest by Hasan Raja

  1. Pavel Rahman says:

    Raja, one of our promising photojournalist. His work will not go without notice. Like this one ‘protest’….. two of his elements run out from the scene, foreground shows, That’s the beauty of this picture. I like it . When a photojournalist cover a news, it must be reflect through his lens. Not like ‘Normal’ picture. Readers or viewers, who ever he is, he has to look in the image. Photojournalist, whose work will siege the reader’s eye, Photojournalist’s will command and control viewers eye through his lens. Raja done that.
    Good work Raja. Keep it up!!!!

  2. আজহার হোসেন says:

    Hasan Raja…Well known Raja Vhai.

    A Photojournalist Cover a News. . .But Hasan Raja Cover the Moment & Emotion Back on the news . . .

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