Unsung Hero by Prito Raza

Mr. Moqbul, 45 years old, earns only 4000taka. He works 12 hours per day on average. He has 4 sons. Every son is established but no one look after him. He gets only 3 days leave in every 2 month. He guards the wealth, which values almost 100crore taka. He wishes to have a 50cc Honda.Copy Right: Prito Reza


For my profession, I have to come home late at night almost every day. On my way back home at midnight I regularly encounter the night guards performing their duties on the roads when there is no other living being there. Their friendly and helping behavior make me curious about them. However, I have come up with the fact that night guards lead a very struggling life.

At one time my interest grows even further more. I spent several nights with them to see how they work, how they lead their life, how they fight with wicked people and many more. The findings are disappointing any way.

Night guards play an important role in the society. When everyone sleeps at night, they stay awake for protecting us from the possible danger. It is for their responsible duty that we lead a safe life. However, I was astounded when I came to know that they get only Tk2200-3000 per month as their salary.

For extra income, some night guards even work in day time. I found that some of them work as a rickshaw puller or as a hawker along with the night guard duty since it is impossible to maintain their family with the little amount of money that they get as their salary.

From my experience of spending nights with night guards and with all of my findings of their struggling life, I’ve made this photo story on night guards. I think the masses can never imagine how struggling a night guard’s life is.

Through this story I want to ask the humanity that ’Don’t they deserve something more against their service to save our valuable resource?’

In my opinion, they are the heroes….the UNSUNG HEROES…


Wedding photography is not just an assignment to Prito Reza, but the passion and art that matters to him. Combining his experiences in wedding photography industry and his flair to provide information through his photojournalistic manner, Prito realizes the potential of wedding photojournalism in Bangladesh.

Unlike the conventional click-and-snap approach to wedding photography in Bangladesh, the Pathshala graduate exercises his imagination and blends it with his knack for documentary storytelling style. Thus the minute details revealed in student’s images.

Prito, the former photojournalist in The Daily Ittefaq, The Daily New Age and DRIK news; participated in quite a few joint exhibition. Wedding Diary is his first solo show and the first ever wedding photojournalism initiative at the same time. He dares to dream that through his ardent efforts, no matter what the outcomes may be, the photographic genre will reach to a new height in Bangladesh.




2 thoughts on “Unsung Hero by Prito Raza

  1. Shawkat Jamil Khan says:

    Hi it is a excellent work. your attitude to a working people is appreciated. Go ahead

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