Political Conflict in Bangladesh by Hasan Raza

A injured person blood spreaded on the road at motijhil area in Dhaka.Bangladeshi police officers carry a man injured after a bomb blast during opposition Islamic activists rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011. A series of homemade crude bombs went off in central Dhaka Sunday during clashes with police and opposition activists, killing at least one person and injuring another two, police and news reports said. © Hasan Raza


5 thoughts on “Political Conflict in Bangladesh by Hasan Raza

  1. great work…! Hasan Raza is one of the photojournalist of Bangladesh who has stepped towards from others of the community. Keep it up….good luck.
    Zahidul Salim

  2. onuchcha says:

    Great work…Raza vai….!

  3. Kazi Rubayet Islam says:

    Wonderful framing and representational concept! Keep going Raza.


  4. Munir says:

    Nice work boss

  5. Hasan Raza says:

    Thank you monirul vai for your precious suggestion,give me the opportunity to publish in your magazine,

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