Universal Empathy by Abdul Malek Babul

Copy Right: Abdul Malek Babul


“ I sing the song of equality ..

  There is nothing greatest without man in universe”

The same colored blood circulate every hearts of human. So their should have close relationship & kinship to the human life which is very natural. But why there is revenge, war , terrorism , genocide etc is happen every day in the world ? My philosophy behind this is that anti communal activities instead of communal harmony and the inspiration of internal devil of human which he achieved from God due to his/her disobedience in heaven before coming this planet is responsible for this things . The man made disaster of first and 2nd world war is the bright example of devil nature of human which is to be continued in many way.

In India sub continent lot of communal revenge happened with myriad casualty of Hindu – Muslim people after Indo – Pak freedom of 1947. During the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 the biggest and worst genocide was happened here by Pakistani army through their operation crake down where the minority Hindu  community  were more targeted person for killing due to communal reason . More than three million Bangalee Muslim and Hindu people had died ( shaheed ) for achieving  the freedom of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the country of communal harmony where multi religious and cultures community live here by enjoying the fundamental rights. I have created this harmonious decisive moment of intimacy and kinship of saint Krishna Pada Das and farmer Ruhul Amin Sekh from Paturia on the bank river Padma of Manik gonj District Bangladesh to depict the heaven of harmony which is only need to build the future calm, peaceful, warless and paradise look world for coming generation.


Abdul Malek Babul,nationality Bangladeshi. started photography from 1980. Achieved Fellowship degree on photography, completed advanced training including teachers training course under the guidance of teachers from England & Germany. Former principal of Bangladesh photographic institute. Got more than 25  national & international awards including grand, gold & first prizes. Exhibited & published  photographs through prestigious publications of Europe , USA etc. as a leading photo artist among 12 of the world. Author of a photography book “The revelation of mystique st  martin island “ on st martin island of Bangladesh . More than one of his solo exhibition on Experimental (Photo Montage) photography was held in  alliance francaise de dhaka & BPS (Bangladesh photographic society) national gallery with a mini prestigious publication. He is a successful organizer in the field of photography by serving as the executive member holding qualification secretary & vice president respectively more than twenty years. His mentors are the Alokchitracharja (sir) M A Beg & teacher Ejaj khan. As a whole he is a dedicative & passionate photo artist by blood and by heart.

abdul malek babul.

Cell: 88-02 01715298747

E mail : bimboo.babul@yahoo.com




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