Border of Impunity by A.M. Ahad

Elaich Mia, 22 was shot by the Indian BSF 25 times while he, Ashraful Islam and Shona Mia were extracting stones at the Kalidar Stone Quarry in Companyganj, Sylhet. He had to be confined in the hospital for 8 days. These scars are the remainders of that brutal evening. © A.M. Ahad


This image is a part of my ongoing project “Border of Impunity”; this is a story about the ongoing killings at the Bangladesh-India border. This story aims to highlight the continuous violation of human rights happening there by showing stories of Bangladeshis who were killed, how their families are coping and how the government is ignoring their very own citizens. This story aims to shake and wake-up the government by showing them and the world the realities and hopefully drive them to act and bring to justice all the victims of this border of impunity.


A.M. Ahad presently work  AP ( Associated Press) photojournalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After graduating in Media Studies and Journalism at Stamford University, Bangladesh, Ahad began contributing work to The Daily Sun, The Daily New Nation and The Shokaler Khobor. He has also worked for the news photo agency DrikNEWS. In 2010 he won a prize in the IUCN’s Biodiversity In Focus environmental photography competition. He has participated in photo workshops and training in Bangladesh, and recently participated in the sixth Angkor workshop in Cambodia, and the first Master Class on Asia organized by Streem Photo Asia.

Photographer since 2006



2 thoughts on “Border of Impunity by A.M. Ahad

  1. Hasan Raza says:

    awesome work… ahade bhaiya…keep it up….it gives an illusion of “war”…which makes it more meaningful…..

  2. aditya Anjon says:

    But they(Indian) are talk about the Humanity !!!!! What a shame ………..

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